Your e-document & e-process partner

You deserve to have ITEC as your partner of choice for

                        e-document and e-process.

Your e-document & e-process partner

You deserve to have ITEC as your partner of choice for

                        e-document and e-process.

Your e-document & e-process partner

You deserve to have ITEC as your partner of choice for

                        e-document and e-process.

Your e-document & e-process partner

You deserve to have ITEC as your partner of choice for

                        e-document and e-process.

About Us

In 1991, Image Technologies (ITEC) was established in Amman to become the leading provider of Electronic Document Management (EDM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions.

ITEC is fully invested in its own scope of work, focusing on providing the latest in EDM, BPM and CCM solutions. We regard each and every project we take on.

Image Technologies, ITEC, aims at taking the software applications for e-Document and e-Process in Jordan and the Arab region to new levels of excellence and innovation.

Our mission at ITEC is to provide our clients with intuitive, robust and integrated e-document and e-process software solutions that go beyond their expectations.


DocuWare is one of the leading complete functionality Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions available in the market. It enables organizations of any size to manage all document types for all departments easily and efficiently without ever losing control on a single document.

It also provides immediate access to all information through a user-friendly web-based user interface in addition to access from Mobile/Tablet/iPAD devices.

docuTRAK is one of the leading functionality rich correspondence management solutions in the market.

It helps organizations of any size automate registration of incoming and outgoing documents and routing of documents paper-based as well as electronic into processes in an ad-hoc and non-structured manner.

It provides organizations with the highest levels of operational efficiency, visibility and accountability.

Kofax TotalAgility provides capabilities for process design, automation, simulation, workflow control for managing human tasks, integration tools for linking business applications (ERP, CRM, Email) to processes and business rules.

Kofax's Totalagility Helps Organizations

Achieve continuous process improvement Deliver organizational transformation for a competitive advantage  Reduce costs associated with standardized and repetitive business processes Support the efficient delivery...
Connect with your customers for more productive and profitable relationships. Manage communications across all delivery channels for greater consistency and efficiency. Empower customers to reach out with new tools for a higher level of interactivity. Embrace interactive communications for real-time exchanges with customers. Automate document generation for quicker responses. Leverage print stream to personalize content and streamline printing and mailing operations for cost savings across the...

Almost all organizations that had managed to successfully archive and control their documents securely and efficiently via a document management system often still go through the hassle of keeping and organizing their original paper-based physical files which they are obligated to keep for mostly legal reasons.

docuCAP is designed specifically to capture paper-based documents in high volume production line performance. docuCAP manages that captured document images in batches thus making the process of Quality Control and easy to manage task.

Sorting of captured images in a batch into separate documents can simply be achieved through predefined indexing such splitting occurs at change of a certain index field.

Fully Automated Indexing in docuCAP can be achieved through auto lookup on...

Unlike intranet Portals, the Broadcast module of docuTRAK delivers documents of regulatory or of general reference nature only to the relevant concerned users. All what a user should do; in the case of a regulatory document; is to View then Accept and in the case of general reference document, is to View & Acknowledge.

All user actions are recorded by the system with Date/Time stamp. Moreover, viewed and acknowledged documents are kept in a Document Library specific to the user...

Kofax SignDoc is available in combination with Kofax TotalAgility® BPM and as a stand-alone, self-service solution that enables embedding of digitally signed documents into various application through web-based middleware or SDK. It can also be used during face-to-face transactions completed with the assistance of a company representative.

Business runs on data, but all too often, the world still runs on paper. Operating at maximum efficiency requires reliable, fast processes for bringing paper documents into your digital workflows.

PANASONIC scanners deliver better performance and higher reliability across the board.

Whether you're scanning business cards one at a time, or imaging records nonstop, Panasonic has the right high-performance scanning solution for your needs. Panasonic scanners are overbuilt so they...


Our services cover the full spectrum of e-document & e-process space. We take it as a commitment on ourselves to understand your business needs and tailor our services to provide perfect fit solutions for those needs.

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ITEC Image Technologies

Jordan phone:  + 962 6 55 40 890
Bahrain phone: + 973 7 70 04 479

Swefieh – Park Plaza – Building 4 – 7th Floor – Office 706

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