Our Team

ITEC brings together a team of IT experts and business professionals whose vast experience and passion has put ITEC at the forefront of the regional IT landscape. The pastiche of skills and qualifications that ITEC enjoys has created a fully complementary environment where virtually anything is possible.

Jihad Jaljouli
General Manager & Co-Founder
Mohamad Atiyeh
Manager of EDM & Support
Sadeddeen Abu Touq
Manager of Banking Solutions & Outsourced Professional Services
Bassam Yousif
Manager of Digital Transformation & CCM
Jamal Al Shoubaki
Head of Accounts & Admin
Ahmad Abu Arja
Head of Software Development
Abdalfattah Al Tabbal
Head of Technical Support
Tariq Nashashibi
Head of Quality Control
Shatha Al Lafi
PMO Head
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