Policy & Procedures
Policy & Procedures

Unlike intranet Portals, the Broadcast module of docuTRAK delivers documents of regulatory or of general reference nature only to the relevant concerned users. All what a user should do; in the case of a regulatory document; is to View then Accept and in the case of general reference document, is to View & Acknowledge.

All user actions are recorded by the system with Date/Time stamp. Moreover, viewed and acknowledged documents are kept in a Document Library specific to the user for easy reference.

The user's Document Library follows the user even when he moves to a different position in the organizational structure. A user can also send a Help Request to the broadcast owner(s). The simple request for help feature enables discrete and direct communication with the broadcast owner to insure users understood the broadcasted policy or procedure document.

Policy Management Lifecycle

Policy creation is the first stage of the process of policy management lifecycle. This stage focuses on the drafting of the policy document, and sharing it among the Committee for Policies & Procedures for review and amendment until the document is ready for broadcast. The Workflow module of docuTRAK enables this collaboration by simulating the committee work in a virtual environment thus saving time and effort of paper based document routing.

Broadcast Monitor

The policy owner is responsible for monitoring the policy’s acknowledgment/acceptance from the time it is broadcasted.

docuTRAK Broadcast Monitor maintains clear visibility over the progress of policy & procedure documents by reporting on the status of acknowledgement or acceptance of a specific policy or procedure document across the entire organization or in a specific department or function.

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