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ITEC is an entity that represents the many treasured ideals of its founders: dedication, excellence and innovation. Having been at the vanguard of the IT solutions for e-document and e-Process in the Arab region in the early 90's the price was heavy, but having maintained where we stood is the ultimate reward.

Over the years, ITEC built a reputation for working with industry leading clients to help them enhance their business operations through first-class seamlessly integrated solutions, and we have enjoyed every minute of our journey.

In closing, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the individuals who form the building blocks of the ITEC family: our clients, our employees and our partners. Their relentless efforts are the very soil in which our organization spreads its roots, for that we will always be grateful.

Our Vision

Image Technologies, ITEC, aims at taking the software applications for e-Document and e-Process in Jordan and the Arab region to new levels of excellence and innovation to enable organizations in government and private sectors to streamline their operations and achieve higher levels of utilization and security on their document assets.

We aspire through our international reach to stay abreast of the latest e-Document and e-Process software and bring the desired and relevant benefits of such software to our clients in Jordan and the Arab region, through a wide range of localized applications.

Our Mission

Our mission at ITEC is to provide our clients with intuitive, robust and integrated e-document and e-process software solutions that go beyond their expectations. We are committed to understanding our client's business needs and addressing them to achieve best results.

On the e-document front, ITEC recognizes clients' needs for Electronic Document Management (EDM) and for intelligent document composition and delivery in what is known as Customer Communications Management (CCM). Therefore, it provides clients with web-based EDM and CCM solutions, which are seamlessly integrated into clients' multiple business environment.

On the e-process front, ITEC recognizes emerging clients' needs for automating and streamlining the flow of business processes and provides its clients with customer-centric, web-based Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, which are properly incorporated into various business environments.

Core Values

Field dedication & commitment ITEC is fully invested in its own scope of work, focusing on providing the latest in EDM, BPM and CCM solutions. We regard each and every project we take on, a challenge we must deliver upon, to add one more link in the chain of our successful project deliveries.

Deliver benefits from our experience With over 20 years of experience in the field, ITEC has become a lighthouse of continual development in an ever-changing industry. Relying upon this experience acumen, we take pride in delivering benefits to our clients by enhancing the ways in which they do their business.

A Satisfied Client Base Our rich base of high profile clients in Jordan and the region is a testament to the distinctive quality of our services. ITEC has everlasting commitment to keeping its client base satisfied through relentless post-sales services, in addition to ongoing assessment of end-user satisfaction levels.

Our Team

ITEC brings together a team of IT experts and business professionals whose vast experience and passion has put ITEC at the forefront of the regional IT landscape. The pastiche of skills and qualifications that ITEC enjoys has created a fully complementary environment where virtually anything is possible.

Jihad Jaljouli
General Manager & Co-Founder
Mohamad Atiyeh
Manager of EDM & Support
Sadeddeen Abu Touq
Manager of Digital Transformation & Banking Solutions
Ayham Khaireddin
Cloud Product Manager
Jamal Al Shoubaki
Head of Accounts & Admin
Ameen Shafaqouj
PMO Head
Ahmad Abu Arja
Head of Software Development
Abdalfattah Al Tabbal
Head of Technical Support
Ehab Swais
Head of Professional Services
Adel Jaljouli
Marketing & CS Executive
Manal Mansour
Head of HR
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